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Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau

HM NOU DELFOS HOSPITAL - Part of the HM Hospitales Group - International Area offers added value to international clients who are traveling from their country with travel insurance or international medical insurance:
- Multilingual call center. Calls are recorded for security purposes and our subsidiary civil liability insurance policy enters in force.
- Request a multilingual doctor to come to your hotel or apartment. Average waiting time from call to arrival: 45 minutes. Your insurance will reimburse the amount you paid.
- Request private ambulance
- Preferential treatment in HM NOU DELFOS with an international team that cares for clients and provides personalized management from hospital admission to repatriation if necessary.
- Urgent tests.
- Private Psychiatry unit.
- Special meals for people of all religions.
- Pediatric care provided through HM NENS HOSPITAL within the HM Hospitales network.